zondag 1 juni 2008

leaving las Teheran...

We just took our last dive in the pool at the 11th floor looking over Teheran...tomorrow we are gonne move on. Sounds strange, but even though we have the greatest place to stay here in Teheran, our bikes are waiting for us downstairs in the garage...and to be hounest, we sort of want to go as well: our legs are itching and our minds go nuts.

so on towards the east! Turmenbashi junior be aware! two dutchies on their way. (ok, we still have to get our visa in mashad...but still) We hope to keep up with you on the road...from now on, we don't know where we are going to be...but you know us, we come up with a good story, just for you!

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Renée zei

Ha Mayo en Juul, Ik zie net jullie Iran foto's en ben natuurlijk jaloers. Maar ik moest ook lachen bij die tractor bij het buitenverblijf; mijn oom heeft net een zelfde antieke tractor gekocht die er net zo uit ziet om 'm op te knappen en helemaal weer spik en span te maken. :)