zondag 3 augustus 2008

After one week of spending time on Chinese grounds, we finally feel a bit like we entered the Chinese culture. nervous we awaited the bordercrossing; our final country, our final month, our final goal. It felt a bit strange, after four months of cycling, we have only like 3 weeks cycling left. China is big, the Olympics important (for China but also for us) and the visa is short. We have 30 days to get from west to east, and to be hounest, we are not going to make that just on the bike.

Three days in Kashgar will give us some time to come to terms of leaving Central Asia and slowly change our Kyrgis speech for the Chinese. Xinjiang is a part of China where you wander around the streets asking yourself where the Chinese culture exists. It has a strong history with the Uygur people, and today that connection still exist. We felt like we were still in Central Asia and we loved it. The city has a brilljant atmosphere where the people live on the streets during day and night. The big streets are covered with Chinese commercials, the small alleys of the old town rustle with Uygur life and Arabic influences. Two worlds so far from each other and still so close.

After Kashgar we will definitely leave our beloved Central Asia culture and dive into the real China. Three days in the train will bring us a few thousands of kilometers to the east where big Chinese cities (starting with Xi'an) await us and our final weeks begin.

3 opmerkingen:

Renée zei

Er stond gisteren een heel artikel in de volskrant over de Uygur en hun identificatie met het Osmaanse rijk en dat ze Chinezen eigenlijk niet zo tof vinden. Gaaf dat jullie daar nu zijn.

xx Renée

Paul Drewes zei

He Juul, Succes de laatste kilometers! Ik ga hard aan de bak komende zondag! Op naar een onvergetelijke toernooi! Hier in het dorp alles ok, Morgen is de officiële opening! Gr en geniet van de tocht! Xi'an is best mooi om te beginnen met de laatste stint!


Eric Schuijt zei

Nog even en jullie zijn er! Fiets de laatste kilometers vooral heel langzaam en geniet intens. Want die laatste kilometers zijn net zo speciaal als de eerste kilometers. Ze blijven de rest van je leven in je geheugen gegrift staan.

Eric Schuijt