maandag 8 september 2008

Sailing across the Gobi desert

My days in UB seem to be over, although you're never sure. Tomorrow I will (hopefully) be on my way to the west of the Gobi desert...together with 7 Polish people, one Canadian, one English guy and two Mongolian guys. I will take part in the 'Gobi 2008 expedition' an expedition in memory of Wojciecha Skarżyńskiego, who did a same trip 30 years ago.(
We will leave Ulan Bator to go west where the sailing will start. at the end of September I will leave the crew to come back to UB while they will continue along the Gobi.

This weekend we did a small trip to Hutai national park. This park is famous for its Przewalski horses. It is amazing to walk and ride through a big steppe, surrounded by mountains and to see these horses walking in groups, curiously looking at you, or chasing you away. We also encountered a big herde of regular horses with their herdsman and a big group of camels. Beautiful scenery.

I am glad to leave the city, It is very strange to stay in one place for such a long time, after spending so much time on my bike. To be honest, I do miss my bike, and I do regret sending a lot of stuff back home. It is so much better to just hop on your bike whenever you feel like and to actually go somewhere instead of waiting here in UB for a transport to arrive, for a truck to be fixed, for our expedition to be ready. Hmmm, maybe I got too much used to decide myself when, where and how to go somewhere instead of depending on others.

But things happen for a reason, (yep, I got philosophical), so I am sure everything will turn out just to be the most amazing, fantastic thrill seeking experience I have ever had. And I do enjoy my time here. Hopefully I will be able to do some cycling later on, maybe in the Gobi (if I can take my bike) or in Russia or Europe, on my way back home...

Mom, I am on my way...

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Floor zei

Ha juul!

Ik lees je verhalen nog steeds met plezier, alhoewel nu ff iets minder vaak.
Mocht je het leuk vinden om iets van de andere kant van de wereld te lezen:

groetjes floor

Henk zei

Dank voor je kaartje, Julie. Ik word jonger van jullie verhalen.
Wie weet kijkt je naamgenoot vanaf een Mongools wolkje naar je....
Trots op je zou ze in ieder geval wel zijn.