woensdag 3 september 2008

stuck in UB

Our cycling trip is over, we are both on our way back to Holland. Marjolein is doing a tour through Mongolia at the moment together with Astrid and some other travellers . I am still hanging around the capital city, Ulan Bator, waiting for my trip to start, somewhere next week (see:http://mongolia.info.pl/content/view/147/67/). Untill then, I just wander around this strange town.

The city consist of mostly old Russian apartment buildings, surrounded by fields full of 'gers' (the Mongolian version of the yurt), and little shacks with brightly colored rooftops. In between this strange combination of buildings there is a very modern looking construction rising up. Are the nomadic Mongols settling down? The city has a strange atmosphere, there is something about it which intrigues me. Maybe it is the fact that it is a city made by nomadic people, maybe it is the fact that it is a city in which the people who seem to travel the most, are the foreigners. I haven't seen any city in the last few months where there is such a big variety of European food. Berlin Burger, Chez Bernard and even cafe Amsterdam make you feel at home with their bockwurst, croissants, and koffie verkeerd.

The children of the street try to find a way to earn some money and find some shelter, the foreigners try to book a tour and get away as quick as possible, because their train to Russia or China is waiting.

I will just wait a bit longer until my trip starts, and meanwhile, watch the city and its people go by.
I didn't book a train ticket yet...

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