donderdag 17 april 2008

We're Back!

Sorry, it took a while but we notice that it is quite hard to keep up with the site if you also write for the NRC next. We decided to write in English so the people we met on our way can read some things as well.
We have experienced quite a lot past week. The Balkan was really interesting. We met very nice people on our way who helped us with a lovely dinner (thanks Branimir) or a place to stay (Maria in Belgrade and Aqualand, who offered us a campsite in exchange for a sauna visit). The coutries we visited, from Hungary through Croatia, Serbia, Rumania and Bulgaria were more than just interesting. Along torn up buildings and minefields left from the war, was the spring making its way. Sheperds with their herds, beautiful cities and lovely fields. The further we came, the more garbage is lying in the fields, which made it sometimes less nice to travel through. It is strange to notice how a simple border, which sometimes is no more than just crossing the river Donau, can make so much difference in the experience of a country.
At the moment we are in Istanbul, having a few days rest, meeting some family and getting our Iranian Visa. From now on it is gonna get warmer and we think a bit tuffer. Not only because of the mountains we are gonne 'meet', but also because of the even more unfamiliar cultures we are gonna experience.
We will try to keep up, but do look on the nrc site:

2 opmerkingen:

Renée zit weer te mierenneuken zei

tougher, jongens.
Tough = moeilijk, zwaar.
Though = voegwoord, betekent iets in de trant van 'toch', 'hoewel'.

Margo zei

Hee meiden! Wat zijn jullie al een eind op weg!!Petje af, hoor! Hoop dat het zo goed blijft gaan!(Moet je trouwens in die islamitische landen ook met een burka op de fiets? Denk niet dat ze zo gecharmeerd zijn van korte assos broekjes,haha!)
Liefs, Margo